2024 Class Gift

Class of 2024 Gift

The class of 2024 is excited to announce our contribution to the efforts of The Institute for Diversity Science (IDS) to implement strategies and enact positive social change. 

The Institute for Diversity Science (IDS) and its affiliated researchers conduct basic, applied, and translational research on the causes of group-based discrimination and effective ways to eliminate them. It provides an intellectual hub and collaborative research infrastructure for diversity scientists from all colleges and schools of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The Institute is focused on finding actionable evidence about what works to create environments where everyone can flourish, regardless of their background. 

The Institute for Diversity Science (IDS) works to advance knowledge about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and suggest concrete solutions to diversity-related problems that our society faces with goals to: 

  1. Identify the most effective methods to get individuals to behave in a less discriminatory and in a more inclusive manner.
  2. Identify the systemic and institutional barriers that prevent the success and upward social mobility of members of marginalized groups and examine the best ways to eliminate these barriers.
  3. Translate these findings into concrete and scalable interventions that can be used by practitioners.


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