Class Gift

Class of 2023 Gift

With the goal of institutionalizing the practice of well-being at UW-Madison, we are excited to announce The Center for Healthy Minds Higher Education Fund as the recipient of the 2023 Senior Class Gift! 

The Center for Healthy Minds operates with a mission to cultivate well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind while envisioning a kinder, wiser, and more compassionate world. Faced with mental and physical challenges at a global scale, the center conducts scientific research rooted in neuroscience to bring new insights aimed at improving the well-being of people of all backgrounds and ages, and to answer one basic question: What constitutes a healthy mind?

Student leaders at UW-Madison are taking initiative in making these ideals a priority at UW-Madison by launching Healthy Minds on Campus, a student organization designed to extend the center’s research and practices to all corners of campus in a tangible way. Donations to the Center for Healthy Minds Higher Education Fund through the Senior Class Gift support this student-initiated organization that will work to systematically improve the well-being of every student at UW-Madison through their monthly guest speaker events focused on mental health, well-being and flourishing, their community conversations intended as a forum for students to discuss mental health and well-being with their peers, increased awareness, and an annual mental health and well-being retreat. Your support of the Center for Healthy Minds Higher Education Fund will help advance the development of this work that is reflective of student and campus mental health goals, and will set forth a standard for a mental-health awareness model that can be spread to campuses across the nation. 

Visit our JumpStart page to donate, learn more, and engage in the 2023 Senior Class Gift. 

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