Green Flamingo Project

Across Wisconsin, climate advocacy is deeply ingrained throughout the state’s people, culture, and history. From the seminal ecological stewardship of the First Nations, to the Father of National Parks in John Muir, and the creator of Earth Day in Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin’s rich history in environmental activism lays the foundation of our efforts.

Under the Wisconsin Idea, a University of Wisconsin education should influence the lives of all far beyond the classroom. The Class of 2022 resolutely believes in the evolution of the Wisconsin Idea into serving as a model for nations in combating global issues. From Wisconsin to the World, we envision UW evolving into a global leader in climate innovation, research, and activism.

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By financially supporting companies that are heavily engaged in the fossil fuel industry, UW-Madison directly contradicts its mission of “ensuring the survival of this and future generations and improving the quality of life for all.” Resultantly, we demand the UW System and WFAA divest its endowment and subsequent investments from the fossil fuel industry. To read our full statement on divestment, click here.

Class Gift

With the goal of extending Wisconsin’s legacy of student driven climate activism, we are excited to announce the Green Fund as the recipient of the 2022 Senior Class Gift!

The Green Fund in the Office of Sustainability is a dynamic program that empowers students to initiate projects that address the environmental footprint, social impact, and operating costs of campus facilities. Students gain invaluable experience navigating administrative processes, grounding their studies in practice, and sparking questions for future study.

Donations to the Green Fund through the Senior Class Gift support student-initiated projects that improve the sustainability of campus facilities. Since launching in Spring of 2017, the Green Fund has supported a solar array on Gordon Dining & Event Center, an energy-efficient greenhouse cooling system, a water-efficient toilet retrofit, a compost collection pilot program, mobile water bottle refilling stations, and many other projects. Your support of the Green Fund will help advance the development of its work that is reflective of student and campus sustainability goals.

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100% Renewable UW-Madison

With the goal of reestablishing UW-Madison as a champion of climate action, the 2022 Senior Class Office has collaborated with the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Office of Sustainability in developing UW’s climate resiliency strategy. This framework for achieving carbon neutrality includes improvements to UW’s green infrastructure, land sequestration, research, and innovation. Reach out to Josh Arnold and Nathan Jandl for more information.