Sonam Dolma

Position title: Senior Class Philanthropy Director


Born and raised in a Tibetan refugee settlement in Northern India, Sonam is pursuing a degree in biochemistry with honors in research, along with a certificate in leadership and South Asian studies. As a Biochemistry Scholar, she will be working on a senior honors thesis supported by a Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award. During the academic year, Sonam is a housing fellow for UW residence halls. During her summers, she has completed several pre-medical internships with the Summer Health Professions Education Program in California and the Summer Medical Leadership Program at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Sonam is dedicated to serving and advocating for the Tibetan community. She volunteers with UW Hospital and the Wisconsin Tibetan Association as a teacher to help preserve the rich Tibetan language and culture, and she is piloting a mentorship guidance program for first-generation Tibetan high schoolers in the Madison area. After graduating, she plans to apply to medical school and continue her efforts to serve the Tibetan diaspora.