Calli Hughes

Position title: Senior Class Communications Director


Calli holds a lot of pride in being from Red Wing, MN, home of the world’s largest boot.   She is majoring in Mathematics and Community and Nonprofit Leadership with certificates in Leadership and Education and Educational Services. She is the Organizational Outreach Branch Coordinator of the Student Leadership Program, a very active student organization. Additionally, Calli is an intern at the School of Human Ecology and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. In her free time, she enjoys working on Lego Creator Vehicles, cooking, and spending time outside. Calli has a passion for education and student-based change and hopes to support this passion in her future as a teacher, politician, or NPO professional. Following graduation, Calli hopes to venture to New Zealand for a few months to travel via Campervan. After which, she will make a career-based plan to pursue additional education or join the workforce.