Kenny Larmie

Credentials: Senior Class Philanthropy Director

Pronouns: (he/him)


Cruising in from Stillwater, MN, Kenny grounded his Golden Gopher garments at the border for a more robust red and white aesthetic. Majoring in Biology, Kenny has found a home in the Badger community via involvement in various campus organizations, alongside creating a DEI fundraiser named “Project PLAT” to support the community surrounding our beloved campus. As philanthropy director, he hopes to both continue and create new initiatives that establish meaningful impacts on UW-Madison and the thousands of students that call it home. In his free time, Kenny loves to spend time with friends and attend concerts, and you can often find him jamming to music in his headphones down University Ave! A laid back yet devoted student, post-graduation Kenny plans to attend medical school in the pursuit of minimizing healthcare discrepancies and providing a helping hand to those who need it most– supporting a lifelong motto of dreaming to inspire.