Gracie Nelson

Credentials: Senior Class President

Pronouns: (she/her)


From the West Coast city of Seattle, Gracie embraced a shift in attire, trading her trusty raincoat for a cozy puffer jacket when she embarked on her academic journey at UW-Madison. As a dual major in Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies, Gracie’s campus life has been a whirlwind of engagement and leadership. She has left her mark in various capacities: from involvement in Student Government, to presiding over the Dean of Students Advisory Board, to being the DEI coordinator for her sorority, she has championed inclusivity and connection throughout the last four years! Outside of her bustling academic schedule, Gracie revels in the charm of Madison, frequenting coffee shops and leisurely strolling along Lake Shore path. Last summer, her ambition led her to the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. where she interned for the Department of Justice, a pivotal experience that strengthened her determination to attend law school in the upcoming year. In the role of Senior Class President, Gracie envisions a year filled with celebrations that not only recognize the accomplishments of her peers, but also elevate the diverse stories and experiences that make up this graduating class.